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Proposed Child-Labor Laws Catch the Ire of U.S. Farmers

December 05, 2011

The U.S Department of Labor (DOL), recently submitted a new set of proposed rules that aim to toughen up child worker safety on American farms.  Amongst the most contentious new rules, are regulations that would prevent a child under 16 years old from climbing a ladder, driving tractors, and rounding up cattle into corrals.  While many advocates of labor safety and some members of congress believe occupational safety laws on U.S. farms are lax, opponents of the rule say that curbing the abilities of teens to work on farms and learn a trade will drastically limit future exposure to farming activities and dry up a lucrative employment pool that few adults are willing to do.  The DOL is currently reviewing thousands of submitted comments, and expects to make a decision in the coming weeks.

To read the Wall Street Journal article on the debate surrounding the new proposed child-labor rules on American farms, please click here.

For more information on child labor regulations see Section 11.02 of the FPP Manual, Fair Labor Standards Act, Page 11-6.



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