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30 Oct 2014 - Environmental Working Group Scores Food Items

Specialty crops and the Environmental Working Group have not always enjoyed each other’s company mainly because of EWG’s Dirty Dozen pesticide report and other agriculture reports. 

30 Oct 2014 - China Market Reopens to Washington Apples

China has removed a two-year ban on Washington apple imports due to fungus concerns.  


Federal Policy Updates

Updated October 30, 2014 2:00 PM ET


Senate - MAP Included in “Wastebook”


EC - Information Measures of the CAP

Federal Register

AMS - Onion Marketing Order Continuance Referendum

AMS - Plant Variety Protection Board Meeting

APHIS - Fresh Unshu Oranges from Japan

APHIS - Longan Fruit From Taiwan

ARS - USDA Patent License Application for Government Invention

EPA - Potato Pesticide Tolerance

EPA - Pesticide Tolerance on Food Products

FDA - Public Meeting on the Safety Assessment of Food Ingredients

NASS - Pollinator Surveys

Agency Announcements

AMS - USDA Cites Several Businesses for PACA Violations (2)

AMS - Hass Avocado Board Members

APHIS - Federally Recognized State Managed Phytosanitary Program Manual

NASS - Specialty Crops Census of Agriculture Report

PTO - New Plant Patents (3)

USDA - $4 Million for Honey Bee Habitat

International Trade

FAS - Global Agricultural Information Network Reports (5)

USITC - India’s Trade and Investment Policies During 2014-2015

USTR - TPP Ministerial Meeting

USTR - 25th Session of the JCCT

Agency Reports

GAO - Oversight Report on USDA Activities

RMA - Federal Crop Insurance Corp Business Report

RMA - Texas Citrus Fruit Claims

RMA - 2014 Data Indemnity Maps


The federal updates cover proposed legislation, Federal Register notices and agency reports.  The goal is to provide the reader with timely updates of regulatory, trade, policy, and legislative issues related to produce.

Recent Produce News

23 Oct 2014 - Can the US Learn from Australia about Increasing Water Supply?

Australia is a leading producer and exporter of several crops but faces many of the same drought conditions as California.


23 Oct 2014 - 17,000 Apple Varieties Have Grown in North America

Iowa apple enthusiast Dan Bussey recently completed his magnum opus, “The Illustrated History of Apples in North America.”



The Federal Register

Agency and Congressional Hearings

Congressional Legislation

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