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17 Jul 2014 - Drought Causes $1 Billion Loss to CA Ag Industry

A report from UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences stated that the California agricultural industry could lose $1 billion in revenue due to the severe drought.

17 Jul 2014 - A New Berry in the Michigan Market

The Saskatoon berry has found its way into Michigan grocery stores thanks to a local farmer who started commercially growing them.

17 Jul 2014 - The Next Super Fruit, Aronia Berry

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, Gina McCarthy, well hold several meetings to help explain the recently proposed rule on the Clean Water Act.

17 Jul 2014 - Representative Mike Conaway Seeks Ag Chair

Representative Mike Conaway (R-TX) has made it known that he intends to run for chairman of the House Agriculture Committee in the next Congress.

17 Jul 2014 - Climate Change Forces Australian Winegrowers to Relocate Vineyards

A study found that roughly 73 percent of Australian vineyards could become unsuitable by 2050.

Federal Policy Updates

Updated July 17, 2014 2:00 PM ET

Federal Register

AMS - Irish Potato Marketing Order Amendment

AMS - Orange Marketing Order Amendment

APHIS - Imported Tomatoes Information Collection Process

APHIS - Commodities Exempted from Import Requirements

APHIS - Asian Longhorned Beetle Quarantined Areas in New Jersey

APHIS - Apple Imports from China

APHIS - Business Information on the Introduction of GE Organisms

EPA - Voluntarily Cancelation of Pesticide Registrations, Correction

EPA - Voluntarily Cancelation of Pesticide Registrations

EPA - Pesticide Dockets on Review, Correction

EPA - Exemption from the Requirement of a Tolerance

EPA - Onion Pesticide Tolerances

NASS - 2017 Census of Agriculture

Agency Announcements

AMS - USDA Cites Several Businesses for PACA Violations (2)

EPA - Pesticide Firm Agrees to Settlement over FIFRA Violations

NOP - National Organic Seed Survey

PTO - New Plant Patents (4)

USDA - 2014 Farm Bill Funding for Organic Producers and Handlers

International Trade

FAS - Global Agricultural Information Network Reports (11)

Agency Reports

ARS - Scientist Have Identified Stink Bug Attractant

NASS - Citrus, Potato and more Crop Production Report

RMA - Federal Crop Insurance Corp Business Report


The federal updates cover proposed legislation, Federal Register notices and agency reports.  The goal is to provide the reader with timely updates of regulatory, trade, policy, and legislative issues related to produce.

Recent Produce News

14 Jul 2014 - Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Prices Increase

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that the price of fresh fruits and vegetables increased by 4.2 percent since May 2013.

14 Jul 2014 - First Human Trail of GMO Banana

A GMO banana designed to increase the vitamin A content is being brought to the U.S. for its first human trail.



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